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Follow These Steps And Live A Gut-Healthy Life

The human body is known as an amazing complex machine that is designed to overcome life’s challenges. Nonetheless, you should know that not every part of our body is considered as ‘human’. Our human bodies are able to host trillions of bacteria and these bacteria are known as the microbiome.

There are good guys in our diverse ecosystem known as the probiotics who work with our own cells so that we can stay healthy by giving support to our digestive system, nutrient absorption, immune system, memory, and even in maintaining our emotions intact. All of the unfriendly intruders that our body should get rid of is taken care of by these microscopic superheroes, and they produce vitamins and enzymes as well, which will keep our bodies healthy.

Balance is the key to a healthy microbiome, just like everything in life. You should have 85% of the good microbes and 15% of the bad microbes so that you can be able to maintain a balanced population of bacteria for a healthy life.

There are microbe-friendly choices that each one of us is able to make every day and we should be able to know how to keep the balance through our lifestyle and environmental factors so that we can achieve a healthy life. The importance of our microbial self has only been known to us recently that is why our modern society still needs a wealth of information about this to keep ourselves healthy all the time.

There are aspects in our lives that we absolutely have no control over and these include those nitty-gritty items that we need to know more about such as our microbiome.

Is your mom rich in probiotics when she gave birth to you?

The quality of your microbial inheritance can greatly affect the health that you will have your whole life since our microbiome is being passed down from one generation to the other such a mother-to-child. To add to this, it is healthier for babies who are born vaginally with a mom who is full of microbiome than those babies who were born via Cesarean section. 80% of your immune system is in the gut that is why the effects of your initial microbe inoculation could last until you die since you have to consider the development of your immune system which begins in the first few months of your life.

What kind of feeding did you have as a baby, were you breastfed exclusively?

This is another thing that you have to dig up from your past. How your mother fed you decades ago can surely have a huge impact on how healthy you are these days and you can learn more about this through this website.

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