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Online Shopping Tip: How to Stay Safe

With the popularity of the Internet, shopping has thankfully become so much easier. But as with anything else in this world, this convenience isn’t risk-free, and it is your responsibility as a shopping to protect yourself. Not that this is hard to do. Fact is, it’s insanely easy if you come to think of it.

Below are five things to remember just before you click on Buy:

1. Use a payment service if available.

Credit and debit cards are very handy, but you’ll probably be safer using a payment service such as Paypal, Google Pay, Stripe, etc. Note that these cards are connected to your bank account, so if they are exposed, so is that bank account. On the other hand, in the event that your credit card number is stolen, you will enjoy more protection and be less liable. This is one time you’ll do better putting it on plastic.

2. Stick to secure e-sellers.

Before you type in your personal or financial information, see if the website is even legit and secure. The easiest thing you can do is check if there’s an “https” before the e-store’s address on the address bar. The “s” shows that your information will be encrypted while going back and forth over the Internet. It all you see is “http,” back off.

3. Allow your software to update.

One of the simplest ways of protecting yourself as an online shopper is to update your software when it’s prompting you to. New security risks are created everyday, and updating your software ensures that it remains primed to work against those new threats. You may find it too inconvenient having to wait for the update process to end, but this is nothing compared to benefits you will get.

4.Be extremely careful when clicking links.

Aside from sneaky email attacks, links to deals that seem insanely good must also be avoided at all times. If something has really piqued your interest, research about it first before deciding whether to actually click the link or not.

5.Use stronger passwords.

You’ve probably heard this advice over and over, but there’s a reason for that: it’s crucial. If you want to maintain privacy for your private information, unique passwords do the trick. If you use a single password multiple sites, it’s time to change every one of them. You can use a password generator, which will help you come up with really long and complicated passwords that hackers will probably not bother to crack.

Without a doubt, online shopping is one of the most important benefits that technology has ever given us. But this is something that we need to learn to enjoy with a sense of responsibility, if only for our protection.

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