Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Renovations? This May Help

5 Ways Hiring a Home Stager Makes Total Sense

There are tons of simple ways homeowners can decorate their homes on their own for a sale. They can take out clutter, do a repaint job, add some beautiful fresh flowers, etc. So you may ask, why even hire a home stager?

For one, homeowners are usually unsure what to do with the clutter or what paint colors to choose. Indeed, selling a home could be nothing short of overwhelming. People typically lack knowledge about their local real estate markets and how homes in their price range are expected to look.

On the other hand, a home stager is able to look at a home with a fresh pair of eyes as well as from the perspective of a hypercritical buyer. If you’re thinking of selling your home and hiring a professional home stager, these advantages may just convince you to go right ahead with your plans:

1. A home stager knows exactly what’s necessary to create the right environment as fast and cost-effectively as possible.

2. A home stager has professional knowledge of what homes in varying price ranges look like and how they sell faster. They will recommend certain actions that your real estate agent may keep silent about just because they don’t want to lose the listing.

3. A home stager is emotionally detached from your home and its contents, allowing them to decide objectively on which items must go or stay. Thanks to their expert vision, they can suggest optimal way of rearranging your current furniture, wall decor, accessories and the others.

4. A home stager can readily pick new tiles, paint colors, finishes or any other part of your home that could use a facelift. And they have standby contacts as well with practically everyone who might be needed, such as painters, tile polishers, handymen, and so on.

5. A home stager can easily pull in a new set of home decor, furniture, and other items that might be more suitable for your target market, or if your house is empty.

Home staging is not strictly for the rich and famous. Even for the humblest homes, staging can have a huge effect on selling price and how long they remain on the market. For instance, a home that has stayed on the market for five months with its highest offer being $250,000 can easily be sold for $10,000 higher (at least) with no more than a $400 investment on clearing clutter, rearranging furniture and serious cleaning. Keep in mind that people, including home buyers, are visually stimulated beings. Hence we say first impressions last, and a huge part of this first impression is visually derived.

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