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5 MMO games to play in 2018

If you are an MMO fan and are looking for games to play in this upcoming year, you have come to the right place. We will highlight the 5 titles which are going to rule 2018 and be just an awesome way to spend your time at home or on the move. Some of these titles are classics, but with newer updates, they still have a lot to offer, so without further ado.

  1. Lineage 2: Revolution

At first, this mobile MMORPG was intended for Asian markets, but surprisingly it caught massive attention from Western consumers. Most reviewers draw the line between a complete revolution in the genre and just combining everything that is right with the genre. The name Lineage is a powerful one in this genre, and their newest instalment which could be played on mobile is not just something worth your attention, it is a very great game ready to be played.

  1. Runescape

The true granddad of MMO’s had a massive makeover a few years back and looks to take the internet by storm once again. However, for players who have that strong sentimental bond with Runescape, an Old School version …